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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning
Burkes Carpet and Tile  professional tile and grout cleaning system can quickly and effectively steam away dirt, remove grime, and brighten your tile. Makin it look almost new again. We use a truck-mounted hot water extraction system with a two-step process to provide superior soil and stain removal without leaving any sticky residues behind. We first pre-treat the tile with a solution to break up soil, grime, residues, and dirt that cling to tile and seep into the crevices of the grout. Then the steaming jets of our SX-12 rotary hard-surface tool, teamed with our HydraMaster direct drive extraction system, rinse away soil and absorb excess moisture, leaving you with nothing but a beautiful, beautiful  surface. We also recommend sealing the tile to keep your floors looking the best they can.  This process is safe and effective for use on all your tiled areas:
  • Bathroom floors, showers, walls, counters
  • Kitchen floors, counters, backsplash
  • Living room / family room floors
  • Foyers, halls and entryways

Have you ever been cleaning your bathroom shower and realized that the grout between the tiles is dingy and dull? Do you scrub your kitchen floor with a mop and bucket, and it still doesn't look clean? Over time, even with cleaning and scouring, the grout in your kitchen, bathroom, anywhere you have tile, can become discolored. The nooks and crannies in the grout hold bacteria and dirt that, even with routine cleaning, can't be removed by scrubbing alone. In fact, cleaning chemicals can leave behind a residue that makes the discoloration even worse! You need a professional service to blast away that tough grime and build-up, disinfect and deep clean, and return your tile to its beautiful natural color.


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