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Residential Carpet Cleaning


The Process

Step 1: Pre-treatment. Our technicians walk the areas to be cleaned, pre-treating them with a solution designed to break up soil and stains, and providing special attention to highly soiled or high-traffic areas. During this step, we can also apply specialized cleaning treatments for pet stains, over-soil, fleas, or other conditions that require additional care.

Step 2: Steam extraction with clean water. Our HydraMaster direct drive extraction system harnesses the power of a V-8 engine to create steam, and our 6-jet titanium carpet wand allows us to propel the steam deep into the carpet fibers. Powerful suction extracts moisture, taking the loosened dirt and debris along with it. This process safely and gently rinses bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and soil from your carpet, without leaving any residues that may discolor or damage surfaces.

Step 3: Fabric protection. Burkes Carpet Care can also help protect your carpet from soil and stains with the application of Scotch guard fiber protectant after steam cleaning. This protectant creates an invisible barrier, making carpet soil- and moisture-resistant, so it's more durable and longer lasting. It also enhances the results of future routine carpet cleanings.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Do your Carpets need attention? Does your carpet look overused and matted? Don’t waste the weekend scrubbing those stains out with a store bought carpet cleaner. Let us show you what our Rotovac 360 cleaning system can do…It’s Simply incredible! We give you a 4 Step Certified cleaning to make your carpets look new again! Contact us for an Estimate Today!




Deep-clean high traffic areas

Burkes Carpet and Tile Cleaning offers top quality carpet, tile and stone care services at an affordable price. The technicians of Burkes Carpet and Tile Care are trained to clean your carpet and tile using a two-step cleaning process and the most advanced equipment available to ensure outstanding results, leaving you with carpets that are clean, fresh, and residue-free. Our products are environmentally friendly, and safe for pets and children. We also offer special carpet cleaning services to treat for allergens, fleas, filtration, excessive soil, and difficult spots such as grease, gum, wine and paint.